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Pulse & Euracare: A partnership highlight!

One of the biggest highlights for Pulse World is our partnership with Euracare in Nigeria.

Euracare Wellness Centre, together with state-of-the-art wireless EMS technology available from Pulse, offers the people of Nigeria a training or recovery experience like no other. Euracare with Pulse EMS technology aims to innovate the improvement of human health based on cutting-edge technological developments. The BIA Mobile App allows clients to track and monitor their results on the move anywhere and anytime.

"Our wireless EMS is revolutionising the way people train throughout the world today. We understand that time and good health are our most precious resources, and this technology will give you great results in a fraction of the time used in conventional training without any risk of injury. This Wireless Pulse EMS technology gives you 5-6 hours of exercise benefit in 20 minutes. It's FUN and leaves you with a sense of wellbeing!" - Reinhardt Naudé Swanepoel, Pulse World CEO

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