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Pulse Training & Weight Loss

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

One of the major benefits of training at Pulse is fast and sustainable weight-loss through EMS training methods.

A body with an adequate volume of toned muscle mass contributes to a better calorie burn. The muscle requires a high caloric expenditure to maintain itself as a properly toned body burns more calories and more fat than one with a weak musculature and abundance of adipose tissue.

Taking advantage of the ability of Pulse EMS training to lose weight by improving muscle tone is a simple and intelligent way to achieve it.

In addition, this contributes to the maintenance of the achievements over time, favoring a progressive thinning with prolonged results.


  • A lighter and healthier body.

  • Lower body volume thanks to the elimination of fluids through lymphatic drainage with electrostimulation.

  • A weight loss thanks to the elimination of the liquid retained.

  • Immediate decrease in cellulite.

  • Rupture of fat cells and adipose tissue for better fat elimination

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